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About deal with the problem of wire and cable extrusion die

Q: How can light wire full ?

A: The outer mold line of large aperture can not be compared too much , the best 1:1 , while molding segment ( Gallery length ) best longer ; such :2- 3 mm , as well as the key point is that most holes inside the outer mold must be squeeze Bright , tungsten steel surface must reach the mirror .

Q: Why would the wire surface scratches ?

Answer: tungsten steel outer mold surface has a small gap, generally not a professional eye simply can not be found .

Q: Why foamed PE wire surface does not shine ?

A: The three sections of the mold to be pressurized , preferably with a free pair of full- tungsten steel type, there is one that is , poor temperature control , temperature denial or this machine is not worked out the best plastic material melting ,Temperature is too high or too low will not work.

Q: Why would the mold Free eccentric ?

Answer: ① head flow is uneven, poorly designed ;

② mold car did not hit the table , the inner and outer mold different cores ;

③ Extruder is not installed , the head of the center and the center is not a line sink .

Q: Why have the wire surface grain pattern or textured ?

A: Through processes to eliminate , first pressurized to increase the pressure ; second decompression, but generally must be reduced stripping wire , pressure pressure bad peeling.

Q: Is there what kind of nose lightweight , compact , fast heating, do not adjust eccentric , change the color combination not disassemble the prime advantages of the head ?
A: Currently on the market there are a number of manufacturers in the study of such effort, saving , saving hours of the nose, this Dongyuan company has invested a certain amount of manpower and resources, developed this present In order not to type , but there are fine tuning nose , after a certain number of users, they all feel that the production has helped to achieve the above mentioned provinces effect .

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