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sawing wire drawing

Multi- wire cutting technique, cutting sawing wire used in finer silicon wafers can be cut out of thinner , less silicon material loss , but at the same time requires higher tensile strength steel wire , for customers , in case of wire broken wire , will cause the silicon material and capacity and other losses , silicon rods will result in damage up to thousands of dollars in damage, and the corresponding price is only a few thousand dollars off the wire . Therefore, the quality of customer wire ( broken wire rate ) is very high. At present, almost all manufacturers use 0.12 and 0.11MM cutting sawing wire , which requires the wire during the cutting process 700 km does not appear broken wire , broken wire rate of technical requirements in the 1-2 % or less , filament diameter deviation is less than 3μ, wire ellipticity deviation is less than 3μ, since 0.12 and 0.11MM cutting wire production process is extremely demanding, the world can produce only a handful of multinational companies , while in China is mainly carried out by the Bekaert monopoly production and sales. Wire rod production process - semi - finished steel - solar wafer plant cutting wire rod production process including raw materials procurement , 0.85MM semi-finished steel production , 0.11/0.12MM finished cutting wire production , and sales . Procurement of raw materials : steel for high-quality carbon steel , the main supplier of Japan's Nippon Steel , Kobe, Japan , and South Korea's POSCO quality second. Production processes and production cycle before the Road : wire rod - 0.85MM semi : Removal - Cleaning - rough pull - heat pickling - Latin America - heat pickling - plating ( zinc and copper ) - spread. Road after production : 0.85MM semi-finished steel cutting wire -0.11,0.12 MM : Wet pull .


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