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tungsten carbide dies, pcd diamond die

which is better for aluminum welding wire by tungsten carbide dies and PCD diamond dies

Why tungsten carbide dies only can drawing lower quality aluminum welding wire ?

tungsten carbide dies( TC) is extremely high hardness of the inner circular edge sharpness depending TC hardness. Another key factor in the mold and shaving razor head movement inside edge sharpness is rake angle . Larger rake angle also improved shaving action molds. However , a higher hardness and higher TC trimming rake angles are in the inner circle side of the mold strength. If there is excessive vibration , shock or other inconsistencies during shaving , the shaving edge blade mold can be easily chipped , shaving mold can no longer be used.
TC makeup tool also generates a lot of heat , which causes overheating and discoloration of aluminum welding wires . This means that the cooling step is necessary line during shaving , in a later processing step , which increases production costs and clean metal wire.
In addition , TC often slight vibration shaving . Even these small vibration does not cause chipping , they still will leave marks on the surface of the metal wire , if large enough , will result in significant recess in the wire OD gouge is not removed in a subsequent step . This is a surface of the aluminum wire of the most serious quality problems.

How to use PCD diamond dies produce high quality aluminum welding wire?
Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a diamond powder and a catalyst metal, sintered superhard composite material, the use of advanced high temperature and high pressure processes. PCD material has a hardness and wear resistance of diamond, and as a composite material, every good toughness, which makes the cable surface and better consistency. Diamond dies also has a low coefficient of friction and extremely high thermal conductivity, therefore, the heat generated during drawing is low, the heat is removed more quickly from the work surface to eliminate the chance of overheating wires.

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