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Steel cord cutting line market growth is the cutting line drawing dies Market Opportunities and Challenges

Cutting line is wafer cutting them need to use ultra-fine wire, are disposable supplies for wire length, width, precision and strength are required, product gross margin as high as 50 percent. Its width is generally 0.1 ~ 0.25mm, the high requirements of the production process;
With the rapid growth of domestic polysilicon industry, wafer cutting the rapid expansion of production capacity, according to the country this year 7 ~ 8GW of photovoltaic production scale, requires 60,000-70,000 tonne cut line, line drawing die cutting demand for the increasing number.
The current situation for each drawing dies manufacturers is very good opportunities, but limited capacity and capability of the product to the equipment requirements often result in orders endless number of manufacturers, some manufacturers produce products may not meet the production requirements, opportunities and adjustment status coexist;
Our factory imported polycrystalline drawing die is in the original tungsten steel developed on the basis of a new steel cord cutting line drawing die a new product, mainly used to replace tungsten steel, reducing changeover times, improve product quality; can be repeated more than times each use imported tungsten steel cable length is two to three times.


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