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Diamond Dies

Diamond dies - Polycrystalline diamond wire dies (PCD dies)

Starking diamond dies use German technology and America raw material to produce in China

PCD dies is divided into two kinds:Imported and domestic PCD dies

Imported PCD Dies' core is supplier by JAPAN Sumitomo or AMERICA GE
Imported PCD dies adopts high pressure and temperature process to clotting and get it in the Metal catalyst (cobalt)by the diamond powder. Under the strict process control conditions ,between the diamond crystallite , diamond keys will be formed and combine. So it will be with the homothetic High hardness and high thermal conductivity like natural diamond. At the same time,due to the random arrangmeat of diamond powder,then polycrystalline diamond has the the peculiarity of isotropy, when we process it,we don’t need to think about its tropism.Different blank dimensions and grain sizes are available to suit almost every drawing requirement.
Our company uses the different type the crystal combination diamonds as a raw material.It is one kind of superfine even pellet to crystallize and form through the high temperature and pressure. It can guarantee the wire out-of-roundness.at the same time,it possesses high surface fineness and long drawing life.And in the long time process of drawing,it is difficult to meet die wear and flat wire.
Imported PCD dies Scope:
Soft wire :gold, silver, platinum,brass, phosphorbronze, aluminum and so on.
Hard wire:iron wire stainless steel wire,nickel wire, chrome wire, molybdenum wire, tungsten wire, copper clad steel wire and so on.

Advantages of PCD Die
- Uniform pricing.
- Cost per kg of wire drawn is much less compared to any other die material.
- Withstands rough and tough working.
- Assured number of re-cuts and can be resized to maximum recommended size.
- Lower inventory.
- No premature breakages.
- Less repairs and less reconditioning work.
- By correct selection of grain size, required finish can be achieved for different drawing applications.
- With the increased usage, the cost of PCD blanks/dies is decreasing.

Domestic PCD dies:
Domestic PCD dies adopts high pressure and temperature process to clotting and get the diamond aggregates in the Metal catalyst (cobalt or silication )by the diamond powder. Relatively speaking,its performance is close to the imported PCD dies. And it is mostly applicable to draw low carbon steel wires (iron wires) and the performance-price ratio is very high..

Good wear resistance
Good surface finish
High machine efficiency
Low cost
High wire surface quality
Typical application areas:
Copper wire
Aluminum wire
Tungsten wire
Molybdenum wire
Stainless steel wire
Coated steel wire
Special alloy and high performance alloy wire
Precious metal wire
Various other ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire types


Product use

Polycrystalline diamond can be chosen as a raw material for the following products from SK:

Wire drawing dies (wire dies)

Shaped wire drawing dies

Bunching & strading dies

Extrusion dies

 Polycrystalline Diamond Dies

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