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extrusion head, extruder head

Extrusion mold die head

Specifications1. Widely used in different modle extruder machine.
2. Good quanlity and long service life.
3. Automatic core-fixed die head.
Extrusion mould die head

1. Usage:
The automatic core-fixed moulds are widely used for extruding different modle wire and cable, for example BV, BLV, RV, RVS, RVVB, BVVB, BLVVB, HBGYV, YJV, YJLV, NLYV and so on.

2. Advantage:
widely used for extruding different kind of wire&cable.
The moulds are made of high quality alloy steel and the surface is chrome-plated on. Easy operation and easy to use.
High quality and long service time.
Individual designed Extruder head is used for forming insulation on wires and cables from plastic materials (PE PVC).
We have a first-class technical staff and state-of-the-art production equipment and production process, and with a first-class testing equipment. Is specializing in the production of U7, U14 Free tune nose, tune-free cable head, wire and cable extrusion machine, wire and cable alloy extrusion mold, alignment-free eye mode, diamond extrusion mold, mold and other peripheral equipment
U7/U14 with relief valve, single-color, two-color, double no
150 Free cluster center cable head
90/90 double-layer co-extruded rubber nose
U14 Free on the nose
U7,U14 Free Tune Bose
30/65 co-extrusion head
U7/U14 Free on center nose
90/200 double-layer co-extrusion head
150 Free cluster center cable head
90/120 double-layer co-extruded silane


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