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extrusion dies

Extrusion Dies

Starking Extrusion dies use German technology and America raw material to produce in China

  Extrusion tips and dies is intended to extrude the plastic insulation on the metal wire surface and for the manufacturing of communication cables , power cables and optical cables. Its products have athigh grade of coaxial cores and a coat of well distributed smooth plastic insulation.. Exery piece of extrusion tips & dies formula is able to turn out products according to customers suppied data. The 100% coaxial grade inspection can assure users of the coaxial wires and cables, thus featuring the insulted conductor with high precision of electrical property.

Your designs and specifications. Stainless steel tip hard enough for normal wear and tear, but the need to extend tip life diamond or tungsten carbide blade in stainless steel tip. Red Star extrusion techniques and production and supply of natural diamond, polycrystalline diamond, carbide and high quality Cr12 insertion (tool steel).

Starking diamond and tungsten carbide inserts, proposed to extend tip life, reduce operating costs, reduce breakage, reliable, uniform quality duplication.

Starking extrusion die design tips and ways to allow the free flow of PVC, eliminating PVC increasingly trapped, burning up the opportunity through the extrusion die 

● Excellent abrasion resistance
● surface finish
● Accurate dimensions
● longer life
● Advanced extrusion head concentricity
● Custom Materials

 Main products:

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extrusion dies

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