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Frequently Asked Questions Of Wire Drawing Die

Frequently Asked Questions Of Wire Drawing Die

What is the price of your new drawing dies

We have a standard price list, but our prices are based on many factors within your control, such as the volume of business you choose to do with us, the quantity of one size you order, the size of the order, urgency of your requirement and any unusual specifications. Therefore, name your price, your size, quantity and specifications and see what can happen to our price list.

How many recut sizes can I count on from Starking new drawing dies

We have engineering data that can give you our standard for any size ordered. We are dedicated to giving you more for your money. One of the ways we do this is in the size and quality of the diamonds we select. Also, you may specify the number of recut sizes that you desire and we can engineer a die for that purpose.

What will it cost to recut a drawing dies

Generally speaking, $2.50 per mil. We are leaders in low prices for recutting among the major players. To remove guess work from your recutting prices, deal with us and know exactly how we will price a shipment of dies to be recut by downloading our recut estimator, or requesting a CD copy of our recut estimator.

What is your turn around time on recuts drawing dies

For urgent requirements, we can sometimes ship dies back to you on the next day after they arrive. Typically 80% of your dies sent to us for recutting are on the way back to you within two weeks, the balance in 1 weeks.

What carriers do you use? 

UPS, FEDEX, EMS and USPS are here daily. Various trucking lines deliver to us as well.

What is your typical size tolerance? 

Our standard size tolerances vary according to size. In general, the numerical tolerance is tighter for smaller sizes and wider for larger hole sizes. As a percentage of diameter, the opposite is true. The larger hole sizes have a closer tolerance based on percentage of diameter. We also customize tolerances for your specific needs and price constraints.

How quickly can I get drawing dies

In many cases, overnight. We maintain a large inventory of finished new dies from which various shipments can be made for next day delivery. However, the possible variations in die specifications are almost infinite. Therefore, not all possibilities can be anticipated. We willingly add additional sizes to our inventory which customers use frequently. You can depend on us to do all we can to reduce your inventory. In many situations, we can ship up to 500 new dies on the day an order is received. Typical lead-time for dies not in inventory is one weeks. Some orders for unusual diamond sizes or specifications can take longer.

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